The Martin Guarantee

With our recruiting experience comes confidence. We are so confident in our ability to execute on your search and deliver talented Lending and FinTech executives that we offer to refund your initial search deposit if we do not supply candidates you are interested in within a short designated time period.


Each search is customized for the client. After more than 20 years we’ve found that the fundamental process of a search follows a rather consistent path. To that end, we have perfected our process to encompass the many intricacies of a search into three essential steps.

The Martin Process – 3 Essential Steps

Our focus is first and foremost on learning about your organization and leadership style so we can find and evaluate candidates who are a precise fit for your company. We take a holistic approach by developing a deeper knowledge of what makes your business tick and creating a strategy for attracting the top talent your business needs and deserves.

From researching the market, identifying candidates, assessing technical proficiency and interviewing for style and cultural fit, Martin ERI takes on the majority of search and placement tasks so you see candidates who are qualified and suited for your company and culture.

Martin ERI assists companies with a variety of executive search situations including:

  • Immediate hiring needs, planned or unplanned
  • Succession planning for retiring executives
  • Replacement of underperformers
  • Long-term projects with multiple hires (building a bench)

Partnering with small- and mid-size to multi-national businesses, all client searches are customized based on your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today and let us help you attract and hire a strategic match for your company.


This is the research phase. Our team conducts an in-person research meeting with clients to learn about their specific needs and to uncover and fully understand their distinct points of difference. We study the competitive environment that may attract similar talent, and then research the market to determine target companies and candidates within those

from which we can recruit. We use a variety of innovative tools alongside direct recruiting and networking to find strong talent for our clients. We act quickly during this phase, as our clients depend on us to have a strong sense of urgency to fill critical positions.


This is the candidate outreach and interview phase. Our mission is to find prospective candidates who are in relevant positions and likely to consider a move. Executives are busy and not always motivated to pursue a new job opportunity. Therefore, it’s important to learn of a candidate’s personal and professional goals and how they are or are not

currently being met. Personal interaction allows us to best match them with the right company environment and position, and we are able to sell the opportunity by aligning the candidates’ needs and wants with those of our clients.


This is where we close the deal. The distinction of a consultative search firm like Martin ERI is that we’re not just recruiting the candidate but also managing the process to completion. Once a client selects a candidate we manage the formal offer process and stay close to the candidate

through resignation from his or her current position and beyond the start of the new role. We work diligently to manage client and candidate expectations and openly facilitate communication throughout the process.

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Martin Executive Recruiting, Inc. will provide strategic hires for your business. Our promise is to help your organization identify, attract and hire talent that will positively impact your company and integrate easily into your unique culture.
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